The Great Nevada Republican Lieutenant Governor & Secretary of State Debates

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Nevada Secretary of State Results

Thursday, February 3, 2022
Dinner & Debate
Atlantis, Reno, Nevada

Nevada Commonwealth & Sierra Republican Club
Powered by Redmove Nevada

5:00 pm - Grand Ballroom Doors open for check-in & socializing with candidates, no host bar.

5:50 pm- Take your seats.

5:55 pm - Prayer By TBA

5:57 pm - Pledge of TBA

6:00 pm - Dinner is Served - Caesar salad,Pan Seared Salmon, Rice Pilaf, Vegetable Medley & Desert or Chef's choice Veggie meal.

6:01 pm - VIP Intros

6:05 pm - Meet The Other Candidates (1 minute each)

6:25 pm - Debate Announcement & Rules for Republican Candidates (Rules Video Played)

6:30 pm - Lieutenant Governor, Moderators are Jon Sanchez & Jason Gaunt

TBA pm - Intermission Video

TBA pm - Secretary of State, Moderator are Jon Sanchez & Jason Gaunt

9:00 pm - End of Debate - Admin Announcements - Turn in poll - Select your two three candidates. One voting/poll card will be handed out per attendee. 86 nju

Administrative Notes

TBA  pm Registration team in place.

TBA  pm Clubs & Candidates set up literature & signs

Debate Rules

Each candidate will have one minute for an introduction statement, then during the questions and answer session, they will be each asked the same question and have one minute to reply; answering from their right to left. We will draw a name to see who gets the first question. The candidate to their left will start the second question.

Once all candidates have answered the question, they will have an optional 30-second rebuttal.

For the closing statement, each candidate will have 1:30 minutes.

Moderators Jon Sanchez & Jason Gaunt from Sanchez Wealth Management.

Questions will be submitted ahead of time through this website at and final questions will be selected by the debate committee. They will not be given to the candidates ahead of time. Ok for the audience to clap!

Below are examples of our past debates. The governor’s debate will be set up similar to the sheriff’s debate. They were produced and sponsored by the RMC. This cycle they will be produced by Redmove Nevada and sponsored by The Nevada Commonwealth and the Sierra Republican Club members. 

NOTICE:  (Reservations, 450 max). 

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Powered by Redmove Nevada

2022 Schedule for the Nevada Commonwealth Debates - Reno, NV


February 3rd – Secretary of State & Lieutenant Governor Debate – Dinner (There will be two separate debates this night). Moderators Jon Sanchez & Jason Gaunt from Sanchez Wealth Management.

March 3rd – Attorney General & Treasure Debates – Dinner (There will be two separate debates this night) Moderator Sam Shad, The host of Nevada News Makers.

April 7th – US Senate & House of Representative (open to CD1, CD2, CD3 & CD4) Debates – Dinner (There will be two separate debates) Moderator Sam Shad, The host of Nevada News Makers.

May 5th – Assembly & State Senate Candidates Presentations – Lunch

June 2nd – Local Offices – Washoe County Commissioners & School District – lunch


2022 Nevada Primary Election, Tuesday, June 14

Early Voting begins on Saturday, May 28, and runs through Friday, June 10


  2022 Nevada General Election, Tuesday, November 8

Early voting begins on Saturday, October 22, and runs through Friday, November 4


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