Nevada Commonwealth

& Sierra Republican Club


CPT Sam Brown

Thursday, November 4th,
at the Atlantis

Sierra Republican Club and the Nevada Commonwealth (Sierra Chapter)

Our Seven Points:


1. Our members and leadership are for both men and women.

2. We use technology, video and social media outreach to promote our club, and business friendly candidates.

3. We will have meetings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. Once a quarter, we will have a Saturday breakfast. This allows those who work on the weekdays to take part.

5. We will host debates pre-primary and fundraisers for those business friendly candidates who win their primary. They will be live-streamed and recorded.

6. We are not a not-for-profit organization. We are private clubs with more flexibility and we are managed through Redmove Nevada.

7. We have a purpose in promoting free market principles through our media outreach.

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2022 Schedule for the Nevada Commonwealth Debates - Reno, NV

January 6th – Governor’s Debate – Dinner, Moderator Dan Mason & Eddie Floyd

February 3rd – Secretary of State & Lieutenant Governor Debate – Dinner (There will be two seperate debate this night). 

March 3rd – Attorney General & Treasure Debates – Dinner (There will be two seperate debates this night) 

April 7th – US Senate & House of Representative Debates – Dinner (There will be two seperate debates)

May – Assembly & State Senate Candidates Presentations – Lunch

June – Local Offices – Washoe County Commissioners & School District – lunch

Primary Election Tuesday, June 14th 

The Candidates

US Senate Race