Sierra Republicans
Saturday, October 15th,
8:30 AM Breakfast,
At the Reno Town Mall
9:30 AM Speakers Presentation
Includes Pastries and Coffee

PAY AT THE DOOR $5 members, $10 Non Members

Election Predictions
& Vote By Mail Issue

Featured Speakers & Panel Members

Megan Barth – Megan Barth is the founding editor of The Nevada Globe. She has written for The Hill, The Washington Times, The Daily Wire, American Thinker, Canada Free Press, and The Daily Caller and has appeared frequently on, among others, Headline News CNN, NewsMax TV, and One America News Network. When she isn’t editing, writing, or talking, you can find her hiking and relaxing in The Sierras.

Megan Barth Redmove Nevada

Megan Barth

Joey Gilbert Redmove Nevada

Joey Gilbert

Joey Gilbert – One of Joey Gilbert’s greatest strengths is his ability to build teams and then provide the leadership necessary for the team to execute projects. Using his experience as an athlete, business owner, practicing trial attorney, entrepreneur, and community leader. A former world-ranked professional prizefighter, Mr. Gilbert possesses the tenacity and follow-through to find and execute opportunities in real-time. He is a strong supporter of Election Integrity and voter ID laws and was in the 2022 Nevada gubernatorial Election, with a strong finish in second in the Republican Primary.

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